About Me

Hi! I’m Leeann and I live in New York City (born and raised). I was a former teacher here for one year and it wasn’t long after that that I felt like I needed a change (yes, after my first year of teaching!). My passion has always been to help people in any way. Ever since I washed my first dish as a kid, that feeling of getting a smile followed by a ‘Thanks, Lee!’ filled me with such satisfaction that I haven’t been able to turn down a request for help.

I never strayed from that passion, but something changed.

I’ve always been an introvert, much more so when I was younger. But, of course, being forced to use your voice throughout my life by teachers actually made me realize how much I love to talk. When given the opportunity, I can talk for ages. One of my professors during my undergraduate studies told me that when I get up there and give a presentation, I never stop talking. What I didn’t know at the time, though, was what I liked to talk about. The topic? Me! Narcissistic? Selfish? No! I was asked to talk about myself. But the thing is I love answering questions that get me to talk about myself because I get to open up, something I never was able to do anywhere else than in that one class.

So, what changed?

Ever stayed awake through the early morning on the phone with someone–friend, cousin, partner, etc.–just talking about… life? I live for those talks. I think depression is something too many of us experience in our lives and for far too long that what we, those of us who experienced or are experiencing dark times, really want the most and value the most during this incredibly soul-breaking time is connecting. That’s what I learned: When given the opportunity, people talk about themselves in such great depths that you as the listener have no other choice but to listen and get immersed in someone else’s world and vice-versa. You become so nosy that you end up comparing your personality to theirs without even noticing. You also somehow “forget” that you’re feeling alone.

People are interesting. They always have been. That’s why I’m grateful for the internet and for the ways through which we can connect right from our devices, introvert or not.

I’m here to help and I’m here to chat–right from different places in my house! I’d love for you to join me in my journey to find where I belong in the world.

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