10 Of The Most Important Things I Learned In 27 Years

It’s simple: we learn a lot–every single day–about a lot of things. For me, education was always (and always will be) an integral part of life. But, learning about yourself? That’s something I consider a skill and it actually didn’t take me long to develop it. We come from all walks of life and being self-reflective should come quickly to those who have been through a lot. Being self-reflective allows you to think deeply about yourself and the world around you. It allows you to question everything. But, what it overarchingly does for you is it allows you to be open-minded and thus, making you a better you for yourself and for others.

I’ve seen tons of YouTube videos in which the YouTubers talk about one thing they learned for every year they’ve been alive. I’ve always wanted to share what I’ve learned so far in life. Listing 27 things I learned is excessive and–I think–pointless, so here are 10 of the most important–AKA noteworthy–points in my life that have become my daily mantras:

  1. Listen to true criticism. Someone who doesn’t like something about you and tells you what that is listen to that person. If it’s true, then change it. If it’s not, then call BS and leave it at that. And don’t hate the person for it. You have the power to just leave.
  2. “No one should have to do what they don’t want to.” If it doesn’t make you happy, if it just tears you apart and keeps you up at night, then don’t do it. Even if you don’t have a plan B (which you should, though, or some idea of one). A nightmare remains a nightmare if you don’t wake up from it.
  3. Never stop grinding when you stop working. Taking a break is ok, but use breaks productively. This goes for any break.
  4. Do what makes you happy. Do things on your own time, on your schedule and at your own pace. You don’t need to please anyone to make them happy. It’s all about what and when you want to share with others.
  5. It’s ok to want to be alone, but it’s great to reconnect with friends and family because you never know who was always there for you when you decided to close all doors. The support you receive is most likely more than you ever imagined you’d get from anyone.
  6. Have more patience with yourself, your process and others who are on your side. Your attitude affects everything in your life. There’s a reason every time you blow up, someone says, “Calm down,” even when it’s the worst thing to say at that moment. When you feel like your frustration is getting the best of you, you need to bring it back and calm down. If you start calm, you stay calm, and if you get frustrated, close your eyes and breathe. Everything falls into place when you work at your own pace. Every process is slow, but you’ll find your flow. (I promise you I’m not purposely rhyming here.) The ones who truly support you you know are there for support. Don’t take anything out on them, but know that they’ll always be there to help you.
  7. Eat hydrating foods. If you’re like me and you don’t drink a lot or enough, eat foods with a high water content or are just juicy. Cucumbers and tomatoes are 2 fruits that are available year round for me, so I make sure to eat those with almost every meal I have. I even eat them as snacks. When you’re dehydrated, you feel more fatigued and have frequent headaches. Plus, your skin breaks out like crazy. So, when I’m hydrated, I have more energy and my skin has a beautiful glow and is clear and doesn’t require a lot of concealer. This brings me to a sub-point, though: Lesson 7ab, which is to not stress over breakouts. Spend more time enjoying your life than having anxiety over pimples. They will go away because you have a skincare routine. Breakouts just happen!
  8. You can train a man to do anything as long as it’s good for him 🙂 I trained my boyfriend to take care of his skin (cleanse, tone, moisturize, and wear sunscreen) and to drink more water. Be practical and logical with men. Besides, they all think we’re nagging, when in reality, we really are nagging and they’ll learn that the only way to get us to stop is if they do what we tell them what they should’ve been doing for years 😉
  9. Try new things. Get uncomfortable. You’ll only grow and learn when you challenge yourself. I put looking for another job on the backburner and started an Instagram account, a blog and uploaded videos to my YouTube channel.
  10. Have confidence in what you want to do. Everyone can read nervousness and it never looks good to them and it never feels good for you! You want to start something, do it with confidence. You want to pet that cat that scratched you really badly once, do it with enough confidence that won’t make your hand shake. Don’t think about who’s watching you. However you look doing it, you’re doing it for yourself. And guess what? Confidence always looks great on you <3

What have you learned in your life that changed it? Let me know in the comments. The more we self-reflect, the more willing we are to share our stories. And the more we know about each other, the more compassion we have for each other.

Thanks for reading!

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