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Skincare Empty & Review: OSEA Malibu Brightening Serum

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I always say that it’s always a good day when you finish up a product. The only exception is when you loved the product so much and it’s been discontinued or sold out and you can’t get it or anymore… But, in this case, I went through a product that’s still …

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Self Care Is A Lot Like Being In a Good Relationship

It’s that time of the year again during which the world splits into 2 major groups: 1) Single people loathing this day and 2) Couples who smush their PDA in everyone else’s face. For the first 19 years of my life, I was in group 1. I absolutely hated everyone who ever was in a …

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10 Of The Most Important Things I Learned In 27 Years

It’s simple: we learn a lot–every single day–about a lot of things. For me, education was always (and always will be) an integral part of life. But, learning about yourself? That’s something I consider a skill and it actually didn’t take me long to develop it. We come from all walks of life and being self-reflective …

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