Schloss Benrath in Düsseldorf

Are you into castles, palaces, fortresses and mansions like I am? If you SCREAMED ‘YES!!!!!’ at me (as I would), then when in Düsseldorf, visit Schloss Benrath palace, the very first palace I’ve ever seen in person. The best thing about this palace? There are 3 buildings and they’re all pink.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a tour guide of the palace. I visited it with my boyfriend Julien and our friends at a late hour and it wasn’t open for tours. The only thing that was open on the property was the museum/gift shop. Nonetheless, I recommend visiting it. The sight itself is already breathtaking! And, if you get the chance to purchase tickets and take a tour, please take it!

Here’s some background information about this majestic baroque-style palace per a Google search:

More than 200 years ago, Benrath Palace was built as a summer residence and hunting lodge for the Elector Carl Theodor close to the Rhine in the south of Düsseldorf. Nicolas de Pigage created one of the most beautiful garden palaces of the 18th century. Today, the ensemble with its artistic unity of buildings, interior design and 60-hectare gardens is regarded as one of the rare examples of a late rococo Gesamtkunstwerk in Europe. With its furniture, porcelain and paintings etc., the main palace (Corps de Logis) gives an impression of court life in the second half of the 18th century.

My friends and I were shopping at sseldorf Bilk Arcaden, a mall, before we hopped onto one of the trains in front of the entrance and headed over to Schloss Benrath. After a 30-minute smooth ride, we were there. Upon arrival, I think I had a puzzled look on my face because I asked, “Is that it?” I didn’t know that was it because of my friends told me we were going to a castle. I was totally underwhelmed, haha! But, when it finally hit me that I was standing in front of a palace, a surge of adrenaline kicked in and I immediately took my camera out to vlog and take pictures. The rest of our walk around the vicinity involved my giddily running from window to window taking pictures of the inside decor and of the gorgeous surrounding areas.

Here’s the palace from our distance when we first entered the grounds, and then up close. They were doing some construction or renovating the palace.

I actually ran up the steps (if you know me, stairs are the bane of my existence) of the palace. Look at the size of this palace compared to me 😀


These are pictures of the rooms in the palace looking in from the windows. I was overwhelmed with excitement to be close up to such charming design.

There are 2 groomed gardens. The feeling you get when you stand in front of them is indescribable. I tried to imagine what it looked like centuries ago.


When I ran out of windows to peer into, I turned around and looked out at the water. Right in between the palace and the water stood a stunningly decorated Christmas tree.

 And the sight of the tree with the palace behind it is just as mesmerizing. Here’s Julien and me in front of them!

This is a plague on the wall of the museum/gift shop. I’d say this was the only part I didn’t enjoy because I didn’t even know that the gift shop was also a museum, which was really small!

We exited the grounds through the other side exit but not without turning around first to take one last picture. On our walk out, we met a swan who was particularly fond of one of our friends lol Common sense tip: DON’T TEASE BIRDS.


It was crazy that as we were walking out, the sun was setting so fast that I managed to snap the most breathtaking night views of the palace in all of its magnificent glory. The swans just made the whole experience surreal for me! It felt like I was transported back in time. The last picture is of lights that were hanging right outside the exit.

Despite not actually having toured the place, I count it as a satisfying experience! I’m never one to turn down a visit to a place like this even if I can’t actually access the place. Just being there was enough for me. I’m already thinking of purchasing tour tickets, so if I do manage to snag those, I’ll make a new post about my experience.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. I’m looking forward to visiting more of these sights!

For more information about Schloss Benrath, visit the website.

You can check out my vlog in which I visit the palace:

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