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My Overseas Travel Luggage & Storage Essentials!

Hi reader friends! It’s been a crazy two days that I’ve been here in Düsseldorf, Germany. Julien and I are exhausted. We were so exhausted that we woke up at night and missed the entire day 😀 This gave me the perfect opportunity to share with you my overseas travel luggage and storage essentials! This is my very first overseas trip (and made it over a month long!), so I’m actually surprised with myself that I purchased the best products for any overseas trip 🙂

The Luggage

It was just this past summer that my mom discovered the wonders of the Samsonite Xv Silhouette Softside Spinner suitcases. They have 360 wheels, so you can pull them, push them and spin them around (no more arm aches!!). They have many useful pockets and offer so much room, especially for people like me who like to travel a bit on the heavy side.

For an overseas trip, I recommend that you get the 29″ suitcase (just make sure the airline allows it) for the most room possible and also for a longer trip than a week. If you’re going on a shorter trip and don’t need to pack that much, the 25″ one is perfect. This style suitcase comes in 3 colors: Black, Napa Red and Twilight Blue. I purchased both in Twilight Blue because they’re both for Julien, since he’s the one who travels to me in New York more often than I to him in Germany.


On the left is the 25-inch, the middle is the 29-inch, and the last is both of them next to each other for comparison.


On the left is the 25-inch suitcase and on the right is the 29-inch one. Both sizes come with the hanger that’s shown in the left picture.

Both sizes have this neat lock!

A nice feature to this suitcase is the lock. It’s on the left side of the suitcase and requires a 3-number passcode to unlock it. When you input your password, you press the button at the top of the lock to release the zippers. When you want to lock it, you push the zippers into the sockets. So cool, right?! (Plus, it’s satisfying to press the button ;D)

The Carry-Ons/Boarding Bags

My mom and I haven’t flown in around 4 years since our last trip to Disney World, so we didn’t know that they now have everyone push around these tiny suitcases as their carry-on bags! I saw them while Julien and I went to Universal this past summer and was so confused as to why everyone had suitcases on the plane xD

Just like the suitcases, my mom ordered the matching boarding bags in Twilight Blue and Napa Red, which I keep thinking and saying in my videos is maroon…… lol But it’s a lot darker in person.


The first 3 pictures are the Napa Red boarding bag. The last picture shows the Twilight Blue boarding bag with the one in Napa Red next to one of the suitcases for comparison (and to show you how cute they are).

Makeup train case in my carry-on.

The boarding bag is super roomy, too. I can fit my makeup train case, brush roll, skincare bag AND stick in many small items without a problem!

Here’s the whole family! The 25-inch, the 29-inch and the boarding bag in Twilight Blue.

I recommend looking into the Samsonite brand to find a great luggage set for a great value. If you plan on purchasing these items, order them from Amazon because they have the best prices. I purchased the 25-inch one and the carry-ons (I think) from Macy’s and they were much more expensive there!

The Packing Cubes

highly recommend the Shacke Pak for organizing and compressing all your clothes in your suitcase. These packing cubes fit a lot more clothes into your suitcase than you’d be able to without. They also keep your clothes clean! What’s great about the Shacke Pak that I ordered is that they provide you with a laundry bag.


I ordered the Shacke Pak in 4 colors, but shown here is Pink. (Julien has the Blue set.) I filled up the biggest one with my shirts, the medium size with more shirts, the other medium size with pants and the smallest with socks. I stacked the Shacke Packs to show how they compressed all my clothes. In the last picture, the Shake Paks are in the 29-inch suitcase. I had more space on the edges for extra shirts, leggings and cloth pads.

I will say that these cubes do take up a bulk of your luggage, so if you’re planning on packing an extra pair of footwear, you might not be able to depending on the size of your suitcase. Because my trip is so long, I had to leave my snow boots out. My mom commented on that with, “If it snows, don’t go out” xD

I love these packing cubes so much because they made packing so much easier for me. I can easily just take them out of my suitcase if I want to put them in drawers and I can see every single item I packed, especially because I always roll up my clothes to save space.

If you’re thinking of getting packing cubes, DEFINITELY look into them. They actually do serve a purpose!

The Storage (for beauty)

For Makeup

I wanted to include my storage for makeup in this post because for any makeup lover out there like me, we need to protect our precious makeup, even if we choose to bring the not-so-expensive-or-important makeup products with us.

I already shared my love for the makeup train case in a post here, which I recommend reading if you’re in the market for one!

This is the makeup train case.

The other newer storage item that I purchased is for my makeup brushes. It’s a brush roll that I found at the Sephora store in SoHo, NY. They didn’t have any online on their site and I even looked at Amazon to no avail. So, I recommend going to Sephora to look for one. They have several if I remember correctly! I’ll do a dedicated post to this brush roll because I do recommend that you pick it up when you get the chance. This is a great way to store and protect your brushes even if you’re not going away.

The roll looks like a cute purse when it’s wrapped up and opens up to show many slots for brushes of all sizes. There are also extra spots for brushes, and pockets.

For Skincare

I’ve been using this toiletry bag for years and it’s still going strong! No matter how many skincare products (full and travel size) I load it up with (and how heavy they are!), it’s still holding up like brand new. Plus, I love engraving my nicknames on everything I buy from the brand ^_^


It’s compact when it’s closed and expands into a plethora of compartments! The top back pocket I use for flat products, like sheet masks and the outer pockets for anything small. The middle pocket gets the most bulk from my travel size skincare products. The bottom pocket also holds small products, like serums, tea tree oil and eye cream.

They unforunately don’t have this cute tropical print anymore, but they do offer several solid colors! 🙂

I hope this post helped you prepare for your next trip! Whether it’s overseas or not, I recommend you get these items to make your traveling much easier. As much as it’s exciting to pack for a trip, it can also be super stressful. These items should definitely diminish a lot of that anxiety of not knowing where things are, how much you can take with you, and in what condition all your stuff is in in transit and when you reach your destination.

Here’s the Vlogmas video in which I show these products (except the last one)!

Thank you so much for stopping by, as always<3 Let me know what your travel luggage and/or storage essentials are!

Until next time,

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