Birthday Dinner at Gyu-Kaku

Hi reader friends! I apologize for the late post 🙁 It’s been a crazy ride on the “Vlogmas train” what with being out all day and coming home late and trying to find time to relax when I have to edit and upload a vlog Dx But, I told you that I was going to share what I ate at Gyu-Kaku on my birthday and here it is!

Before my boyfriend flew over for his visit, we already planned where we were going to eat for my birthday. He never had Japanese BBQ and I really liked Gyu Kaku the two times I was there in my lifetime, so I decided that’s where we’ll celebrate. The ambiance is great for date night (I suggest sitting next to your date because the noise level is high, especially with all the grilling) and the food is as fun to grill as it is enjoyable to eat (and it’s delicious). With that said, we also took a gander at the menus and decided on the Kobe Style course.


For drinks, we ordered a Sapporo Draft Mug. I don’t drink, but I did try it and it was too bitter for me. Julien on the other hand, enjoyed it since he’s used to German beers. I was glad we had beer, though since we did have some fried food!


We each got a bowl of Miso Soup (right picture at the top left corner). We (more like I did because Julien is a picky eater :)) picked the Gyu-Kaku Salad (pictured left), Fried Shrimp Dumplings (pictured right on the bottom) and Hot Oil Seared Salmon (pictured right on right).


The miso soup was slightly on the saltier side, but it was delicious nonetheless. I always love the scallions, tofu cubes and seaweed. The broth was tasty! The salad was so good! I love getting house salads whenever I go to Korean and Japanese restaurants because they always have crisp greens and the house dressing makes them super flavorful. The dumplings were crispy on the outside and mushy from the veggies and tender from the shrimps on the inside. They definitely needed the soy sauce for extra flavor and that was all delicious. The salmon, though, ok… Let me tell you: That was one of the best salmon dishes I’ve ever had. Julien doesn’t eat fish, but he was willing to try it UNTIL I had one and already saw that it was slightly raw. Basically, it was half raw and half cooked. To me, it’s the best of both worlds, since I loved both cooked salmon and salmon sashimi. Needless to say, he didn’t have any lol The sauce it was sitting in was slightly vinegar-y which added a juicy hit to the mouth.

For rice, we went with the Beef Sukiyaki Bibimbap. Julien and I both had no idea what was in there besides beef, but we picked it because Julien ‘doesn’t know what to do with “just rice.”‘ Mmmmmmhm. I would’ve gone with the plain white rice or Garlic Fried Rice and honestly, that desire was only strengthened when we did receive the bibimbap. It just had too much in it (veggies and beef) that didn’t go well with all the meat we were having. The flavor of the rice was delicious, though. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it, but here’s one from a Yelp reviewer:


BBQ Items

With the meat, we chose to pair them with the Assorted Vegetable, which you can see a bit in the left picture on the far left 🙁 I keep forgetting to take pictures of everything!! The middle picture is of Julien’s grilling one of the meats and the right shows it grilled. I honestly can’t tell you which meat is which in the left picture, but we liked the left bottom one and the one on the farthest right the most. We enjoyed their flavors and texture the most!



We had the Green Tea Mille Crepe for dessert. Can I tell you how much I dislike green tea- and matcha-flavored foods? I love the teas themselves, but flavored….. I can’t stand the bitterness and that overly strong tea taste. This was apparent in the crepe but surprisingly not too much in the ice cream! So, Julien enjoyed the crepe while I thoroughly enjoyed the entire ball of ice cream 😀 The probiotics I’ve been taking for vaginal health have seriously helped prevent lactose effects that could’ve hit me super hard after that (and all the other dairy I’ve been having lately… :x)!


This was my third time at this Gyu-Kaku and although it sucked to have had to wait for an hour or more to get seated because we were late for our reservation, the food made up for it. I had a great birthday dinner with great company and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I just won’t be late to my reservation next time lol

Have you ever been to Gyu-Kaku, or had Japanese BBQ?

Thanks for reading! <3

Until next time,

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