My Favorite Chia Pudding Recipe

Do you remember that I mentioned that I’ll share with you my favorite chia pudding recipe in a future post? If you answered with ‘no,’ click here to check out how to make chia jam! I also talk about what chia seeds are and their benefits. But, if you shouted, “Yes! I do!” then stay here because you’re in for a treat 🙂

Making jam and pudding are my favorite ways to enjoy chia seeds. They’re healthy because they have good, whole ingredients and I know what’s in them! And because the seeds soak up whatever liquid(s) they’re mixed into, they turn into this creamy and crunchy texture and take on those flavors. When I make chia pudding, I always use coconut milk because coconut milk is much fattier and therefore creamier than other milk, such as almond milk. I count coconut milk as one of the stars in this recipe for that reason. The other one is MANGO!! I love the combination of coconut and mango together. It makes for a sweet, tangy and tropical treat any time of the year that I make this recipe!

Let’s Get On With It!

**Remember to make anything chia ahead of time to soak up all the liquids and become easier to digest.

This is my favorite flavor of chia pudding, but you definitely can use your own fruit(s) to change it, or if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, of course.



First picture: Frozen mangoes, chia seeds, mason jar (filled with coconut milk) and a can of coconut milk.

Second picture: 1/4 cup of chia seeds.

Third picture: I left out the maple syrup because you don’t have to sweeten it if you don’t want to or if your fruits are sweet enough!

1/4 cup chia seeds – I get mine from BJ’s

1 cup milk of choice (I use coconut (you can use almond, rice, oat, etc.!)) – I get the cans from supermarkets, such as Target

2 tablespoons sweetener of choice (I use 100% pure maple syrup (you can also use 100% pure honey)) – I get mine from Target

choice of fruit (I use as many mango cubes as I can fit in the mixture) – I get frozen bags from BJ’s


mason jar or airtight container

chopstick or something to stir the mixture with


1) Fill up a mason jar with the milk. For this single size mason jar, I just fill it up to a little below where the jar narrows (see above left picture).

2) Pour in the sweetener. Give it a mix until incorporated.

3) Pour in the chia seeds. Mix until incorporated.


4) Add in your chunks of fruit and mix them in.

Your pudding is coming together! It should be thick at this point and ready to place in the fridge overnight.


Creamy goodness!

You can absolutely enjoy this at any time of the day, even for breakfast or on-the-go, since it’ll be ready in the morning! 🙂

Let me know if you try this recipe or combination and what your favorite flavor combinations are!

Thanks for reading<3

Until next time,

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