10 Things I’m Thankful For + Why You Should Be Thankful Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving, reader friends! Are we all in a festive mood?? To be honest, I’m more into Christmas than any other holiday, but it is important to take time out to be thankful especially during the first holiday of the holiday season during which most of us surround ourselves with our dearly beloved group of crazies (friends, family, animals and the like).

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is when you appreciate what you have. Simple as that. You count your blessings.

Why is it important to be thankful or to feel gratitude?

Counting our blessings is knowing and acknowledging how lucky we are no matter how difficult life is, and boy do we know how difficult life is. Many of us don’t have a lot. Many of us don’t have enough. But, you look at the good in your life and work from there. When we think about the good things in our lives, we feel happy. When we start thinking about positive things, we do feel positive. It gives us hope that we can keep moving forward using what we have.

How can we express our gratitude?

If you’re like me and you constantly feel under pressure all the time from your family and yourself to do well (to have a steady career, to be specific) and you just get crushed by the agonizing thoughts that you’ll just never be good enough, that you’ll never get there, then you should take my word for it and write all of what you’re thankful for every single day. If you have someone who’s close to you and who you trust enough to talk to, speak your gratitude to them. Let someone or something know what you’re grateful for. You have to. It keeps you grounded and in perspective of how amazing and capable you really are to achieve what you want to achieve. Even if you’re writing the same couple things everyday, it’s a constant reminder that that is a consistent thing in your life that you really need. Those like us who try to live in the future in fear of “what if” moments need consistency. Consistency is our safe ground because we know that whatever it is is still there. It keeps us in the present.

Eventually, you should challenge yourself to add something new to your list. Adding new things to be thankful for shows us that our lives aren’t staying still. Life moves on no matter what’s happening in our lives and that we should welcome change rather than defend ourselves from it.

A lot of the time, when someone is depressed or down in the dumps, it’s because s/he feels like things are changing too fast or that they changed at all and s/he wasn’t prepared for it. In fact, in reality, everything is the same. Whatever happens in my house is negative energy and my mom and I end up saying ‘it’s the same shit’ every single time because it’s true. You don’t want things to stay the same. You want to keep things as consistent as possible to keep you up on your feet until you’re ready to take a step forward toward change.

Nobody ever had an exciting life and said it was because “things never changed.”

So, why should you be thankful everyday?

Love what you have and always expect the unexpected. Surprises come when you least expect it. And surprises are fun. They come in all different forms, but they always lead to growth.

10 Things I’m Thankful For

Here’s a list of what I’m thankful for at this moment in my life:

1) My boyfriend and my super close friend.

2) #1’s support for everything that I’m trying to do for myself.

3) Having the courage to put myself there on the internet with my face and my voice.

4) Not giving up when I first started on my platforms (I still want to, though).

5) This innate ability to carry the f on. (Tied to #4.)

6) Being able to take a year off to pursue things I’ve been wanting to do for years but just didn’t have the time and resources to do them.

7) Having the money to invest in what I’ve been doing.

8) My parents’ support for not saying much about these questionable (AKA confusing and frustrating) life choices.

9) Wanting to always learn new things and learning them.

10) Staying grounded in this world that wants everyone to look and act the same.

I’ll add one more:

11) For anyone who’s ever visited any of my platforms. I don’t even care if they read or explored any of my content. Just the gesture of clicking on my platform is enough to make me feel really, truly thankful for that.

What you should do now

Write out that list or go up to that someone and tell him/her what you’re grateful for and/or why you’re grateful for him/her. You’d be amazed at how you make someone else feel by sharing something like that and the feeling you get in return for focusing on the positives.

I actually smiled while writing my list out. It reminded me that I am very much capable of doing anything that I put my mind to.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day or long weekend, my friends. Whether you’re spending it with family and/or friends, people you love, hate, dislike or like, or alone, slow down, relax, and make that list. I guarantee that it’ll make you feel better.

Sending you all my love,

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