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3 Products To Complete Makeup Removal + One Important Extra Step

Hi reader friends! I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while because I think it’s something that directly related to the health of my skin over the years as a makeup wearer. Taking the extra time to do this will not only help prevent acne, but it will also prevent eye infections and even wrinkles! It’s called double cleansing.

Double Cleansing refers to cleansing your face with a makeup remover before moving on to a traditional cleanser and you do this on dry skin so that it can cling onto the makeup. The importance of double cleansing is to remove that layer of makeup to ensure that it’s mostly gone before cleansing with your facial cleanser to remove all traces of dirt and makeup.

Stay tuned until the end of the post to see this one extra step that’ll change the way you look at how you take care of yourself.

Types of Makeup Removers

I personally prefer using a separate makeup remover for the eyes and face to prevent unnecessary tugging of the eye area.

For the face, there are 3 types of cleansers: 1) oil, 2) balm (an oil)  and 3) milk. I’ve only ever heard ONE person talk about a cleansing milk and that was Melodee Morita in an older YouTube channel. She mentioned that cleansing oils can be more stripping to the skin because it really pulls all the makeup and gunk out of your pores and skin and that a milk is much gentler and more hydrating. Hence, using both would be more beneficial instead of just using an oil. Ever since I watched that video, I bought the a cleansing milk.

For years, I’ve used makeup removers by Clinique and I’ve been loyal to them. Once upon a time, I used the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter by The Body Shop, which is a fantastic cleansing balm that works just as well as the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (both pictured below) and is much more affordable, also considering that The Body Shop always has deals (buy 3 get 3 free or buy 2 get 1 free). I’ve also included a picture of the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil, which I still have.


First two pictures from Google.

But, I switched from balm to oil and milk (I prefer to use the latter now) after that because I just couldn’t stand digging my fingers into the container! There ARE times I need more product, so that proved not worth it for me to continue to use that.

Either way, these makeup removers work at completely melting off your makeup and most importantly washes away clean.

How I Remove My Eye Makeup

I remove my eye makeup first because with the cleansing milk/oil/balm, I can go over my eye to get rid of any residual eye makeup.

I use a quarter of a cotton pad and the Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips. This tiny cotton pad is enough for both eyes. This is why I love this makeup remover. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes, nor does it have any distinct and off-putting smell. None of these removers do, actually!

Step 1: I shake up the bottle before every use to mix the solution.

Step 2: I place the cotton pad on the opening of the bottle and tip the bottle onto it once or twice to get it saturated (never dripping).

Step 3: I hold the cotton pad to each eye for 5 seconds and GENTLY wipe the makeup off.

Step 4: I use the rest of the solution (there’s a lot left since it’s oily!) to remove my lip product(s), even if I haven’t applied any after it wore off. Just like how your skin reacts to not being properly cleansed, your lips can become dry and flaky because you haven’t taken the time to properly remove makeup from them and especially because the products like to sit in between the lines.

How I Remove My Face Makeup

I mentioned that I prefer to use a cleansing milk these days and that’s because my skin is leaning much more toward the drier side these days. I’ve been using the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk.

Step 5: I actually squeeze 3 pumps of the cleansing milk onto my face, 1 on my forehead and 1 on each cheek. With a cleansing milk, I find that it’s much harder to move around my face for the minute that I use it. Obviously, it isn’t an oil, so it doesn’t have much slip!

Step 6: I massage the milk around my skin for 20 seconds for both cheeks and 20 for the t-zone.

Step 7: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP to properly removing your makeup. I wet my fingertips and do another minute of massaging (no extra product added). What this does is it turns the milk into a milkier liquid (it turns oils and balms into a milky texture) and adds another step of really melting that makeup off.

Step 8: I rinse off the products! (Gotta love that shower cap lol I had a hair mask in!)


How I Cleanse My Eyes

I never neglect this step when I remember to do it. There have been quite a few times I either forgot to was too tired to do this, but I always feel and see the difference in my eyes. Your eyes are prone to infection every time you don’t cleanse them after a day out, with or sans makeup. And, while removing your eye makeup, all of that residue and liquid seeps into your eyes. You’d be surprised at how much makeup comes out the inner corner of your eyes where eyeliner and mascara always end up throughout the day.

I use the Soothing Collyrium Eye Wash (it’s sterile!), which comes with an eye cup that fits over your eye and allows you to tip your head to and fro to get the solution all in your eyes’ business.


Step 9: I fill up the cup halfway per eye.

Step 10: I bring my head down slightly, place the cup onto an eye and press it gently into my face, then lift my head up and then back. I’ll roll my eyes around several times before tipping my head to the side and then to the other. The liquid always escapes and runs down my face, neck and chest, but just hold it to your firmly and you won’t have that problem 😀

Dump the solution out and refill the cup before moving onto the next eye!

Step 11: I dump the solution out and rinse out the cup with hot water.

Every time I use the eye wash, I always get rid of the “gross mascara goop thing in the corner of [my] eye.” ;D

It’s such a wonderful feeling to have my face cleansed of all traces of makeup and that my eyes can see the other side of the world.

Here’s the accompanying Youtube video!


I hope you enjoyed learning about how I remove my makeup. I’m telling you, doing extra steps in any of your routines will lead to an easier time later on with the way you look and feel. Of course, sometimes it’s annoying. But once you make it a habit, you’ll do it because you know that it’s good for you!

What products do you use for makeup remover? Do you double cleanse? Do you use a separate remover for eyes and face?

Thanks for reading<3

Until next time,

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