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My Hair Care Routine

Hello Monday! You’re such a stinker 🙂 But you know what doesn’t stink? My scalp! Today, I wanted to share my hair care routine for those who want to grow their hair longer and who want shiny and smooth hair.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve always had healthy hair. The 2 times I ever dyed it, my hair was dry like hay, but it was still growing and fast. But, my hair never grew at an alarming rate. The incredible hair growth miracle power that I once wielded was stripped from my very hands with no warning or explanation. I was only able to get my hair to grow long enough to caress the small of my back three times in my entire life, but it was an incredible power to hold. The only explanation I could think of is the overwhelming amount of stress I endured for over 3 years to the present day. So now my scalp is oily, itchy, dry, and my hair falls out more than it should naturally.

The first time super hair growth magic ever happened was when I was in high school. For years, I was flipping my hair over and shampooing and rinsing it out like that because that’s what I learned from my parents. Maybe it was because my mom washes her hair in the kitchen sink (thanks for the hair in my food, mom), or maybe it’s from having my mom wash my hair for me when I was growing older and I didn’t have any other choice than to flip my hair over my head and get it washed that way. But what I didn’t realize was that I was using the inversion method.

What’s The Inversion Method?

The inversion method is when you flip your hair over your head and let the blood flow to your scalp. It’s like when you do a facial massage, your face starts to turn pink because you’re getting your blood flowing which leads to collagen production. When you pair the inversion method with a scalp oil and massage, you can expect to see your hair grow an inch in a week. I’ve been doing this for years every time I shampoo my hair ever since I realized it was what was helping my hair grow and so quickly.

How Often Do I Wash My Hair?

I scaled back to washing my hair once every 3 days. I used to do it every other day when I last dyed my hair to preserve the color better. But when I decided to not re-dye my hair, I trained my hair to go without a shampoo for 2 days straight and then 3. I have quite an oily scalp and it’s been flaky and super itchy for the past 1 to 2 years now, so I don’t know if I should go back to every other day or not! Thanks, global warming for screwing with my skin. I swear I used to be normal.

By day 3, my scalp is oily and flaky. And because my hair is naturally stick straight, it looks limp at this point.

The Process

Refer to this post about the oils I use and have in my house for more information on the oils I use for my scalp!

This is literally a mix of all the oils I have that I put in this hair oil dispenser bottle that I got from Bed, Bath & Beyond. If I had to recommend a couple oils to get if you don’t have any, I’d say coconut oil and castor oil. Both of these oils have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and condition each strand and also lead to hair growth. Mix them together and you have a magic concoction for all around healthy hair. Castor oil is thick, so I suggest adding a teaspoon of it to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

NOTE: You don’t need to overload your hair with oil. It’ll end up clogging the hair shafts which leads to more hair fallout and an even greasier scalp, since it’ll be harder to shampoo out!

Step 1: I apply a light trail of the oil along my part.

Step 2: I massage the part with my fingertips. Super important to massage your scalp by rubbing it gently rather than moving your fingertips all over like a regular massage. You don’t want your hair to fall out any more than it does already naturally (and if you have the same problem as I do with your hair falling out even more!).

Step 3: I change my parts for each side of my head and then underneath my hair and use the oil I already applied and add some more when I feel like I need it.

Step 4: I flip my hair over my head and massage my scalp for anywhere between 1-3 minutes.

Step 5: I put a shower cap on to lock in heat that helps the oils penetrate the scalp even better.

When the shower cap is on, I used to blow dry hot air into it to create a sauna. That made my hair grow EVEN faster and EVEN shinier, softer and smoother. I also used to apply honey all over the surface of my hair, which lightened it. These are extra steps, but I loved the results! I’m just lazy now 🙂

Step 6: Waste the next how ever many hours or minutes I have. The longer you leave the treatment in the better. But, if you only have 15-20 minutes to spare, that’s good enough!

Step 7: I shampoo my hair twice: once to clean it and once again to double cleanse it and to add volume. The first time I shampoo it, I use my fingertips. The second time I use a scalp brush. I got this to be gentler on my scalp than my fingertips. I love that it gently “scratches” my scalp for me and also massages it, which leads to even more growth stimulation. It feels really good 😀 I just lather up the shampoo in my palms and apply it to my scalp. Then, I go in with the massager.


Note: The best shampoos to use to get out hair oils are cleansing shampoos. Avoid moisturizing shampoos because they won’t clean the oils out as well as the cleansing ones will. I actually don’t use any clear shampoos (clear = cleansing and opaque = moisturizing) because I haven’t found one that doesn’t dry my scalp out. Honestly, if you don’t go overboard with the oils, though, you won’t really need to worry about this.

Step 8: For conditioner, I switched to using masks because they provide way more moisture than regular conditioners. Since you’re only supposed to put it on the mid-length to ends, using a heavier conditioner won’t weigh your hair down or add extra moisture to your scalp. It’s weird, though because if you shampoo your hair, you’re cleansing it of all the oils. But, your scalp is hydrated enough from the treatment. I take a comb in the shower with me to evenly distribute the conditioner throughout my ends. No, this won’t break your strands. Always be gentle and start from the ends!

Shampoos that I rotate:

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo (I like OGX shampoos for the scent and lather)

The Honest Co. Shampoo + Body Wash (This works better as a body wash)

Carol’s Daughter Rhassoul Clay Sulfate-Free Shampoo (I love this shampoo. It smells good and leaves my hair feeling clean)

Hair masks that I rotate:

Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Nourish & Silken Conditioner (Beautiful light rose scent, but too light for me)

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner (My FAVORITE conditioner of all time!! A scent I don’t get stick of smelling which stays in your hair all day and it’s super moisturizing!)

Step 9: I air dry my hair.

Every other wash, I use a hair rinse. I’ll share this in my next hair care post, so stay tuned!

I hope this helps you if you’re wondering how to grow out your hair while also keeping it healthy 🙂

What do you do for your hair? If you have an oily scalp but also have dandruff, how do you treat it? I ordered a natural dandruff shampoo from Amazon and I can’t wait to try it!

Thanks for reading <3

Until next time,

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