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My First YouTube Video!

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

I have some exciting news: I uploaded my very first YouTube video!! 😀 It’s milestone for me to finally put myself out there. I won’t stop blogging, but I thought about adding videos into the mix, too! I prefer watching videos myself, so this actually makes sense for those who share the same preference as I do.

My video features my morning skincare routine that I shortened. It’s quick and does what I want it to do for my skin which is to moisturize and protect it from the crazy changes in temperature!

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I actually enjoyed editing it! Please subscribe to my channel to see future videos! I’m hoping to make a video twice a week in conjunction with my biweekly blog posts. Thanks so much for visiting and for watching my video if you do. Have a great rest of the day! <3

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