My Modest Anastasia Beverly Hills Collection + Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip

Happy Monday! It’s a good day when you have some new products to play around with 🙂

Last week, I got in my order from Sephora: three Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. With a promo code, I got a mini size of a Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip in the shade Chutney. I waited for a while to try them because I wasn’t feeling so good and didn’t want to contaminate the products. But, I’m feeling good enough to try them and I’m happy with my purchases!

This post was originally intended to showcase the liquid lipsticks, but I thought I’d show you my ABH collection, too. I got the rest of the products from Macy’s online. I think ABH is a fantastic brand that provides high quality products at an unexpectedly affordable price (compared to other high-end brands from Sephora). I thought about getting the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, but then decided against it because I think red tones don’t look so good on me!

** Click on the pictures to enlarge them! **

Here’s my collection:

I have the beautiful Modern Renaissance palette, three Liquid Lipsticks, brow powder duo, a makeup sponge and a mini foundation stick.

The Palette


The palette comes with 14 creamy, SUPER pigmented and easily blended shadows. You have a great mix of warm tones and cool tones, perfect for creating the look of your choice. There are also plenty of transition colors to choose from. Vermeer is SO MUCH more pigmented than I expected. I put that in my inner corners and under my brows! I can definitely use this palette all year round to suit the seasons.

For swatches, refer to this blog! I can’t afford to take swatches xD

Below is an eyeshadow look I did the first time I played around with the palette. I got the inspiration from this video. Because the eyeshadows are so soft, even a gentle dip into a color with a brush will cause it to crumble. So be really careful!

What’s AMAZING about this palette, too is the fact that the duo-ended brush it comes with works so amazingly well at blending into the crease if you have asian eyelids like I do! The other side is great for applying and blending out shadow on the lower lashline.

For a full description of what I used for this look, click here to go to the Instagram post!

The Liquid Lipsticks

From top to bottom: Sad Girl, Ashton, Allison.

I bought Sad Girl because I wanted a vampy color that would look amazing for the fall and winter. I went with Ashton for a deeper nude/brown shade and Allison for a MLBB shade. They all smell like traditional lipstick!

On Sephora’s site, the shades are described as follows:

Sad Girl – metallic black cherry

Ashton – midtone yellow brown

Allison – pinky brown

While we’re discussing lip products, I’m going to insert Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip in Chutney, a rich mauve, and an Allure Best in Beauty 2017 winner here!

Here are the swatches on the back of my hand and on my lips:

From left to right: ABH Sad Girl, Ashton & Allison, BB Chutney

Side Note: I don’t have any makeup on in the following pictures! I felt really sick, but really wanted to do this post!

Sad Girl


Sad Girl definitely has red glitter particles that you can see in the tube. When applied to the lips, however, they’re not noticeable at all. I will mention that it’s super drying and you can feel the grittiness from the glitter. The color goes on smoothly, but it leaves that gross ring right in between your lips, so it looks weird when your mouth is open, and you might consider using a lip liner to keep the lines clean. I got nervous about doing my cupids bow because the color is so pigmented and it dries super fast. Overall, it’s the perfect black cherry color that I was looking for, but it’s a really uncomfortable wear. I’ll give it another chance before I make the decision to return it!


I’m still on the fence about Ashton. It’s definitely brown and it definitely has a yellow undertone. I’m not sure if it makes me look tired, but it’s a color I could see myself wearing every day. Unlike Sad Girl, it isn’t drying. It also glides on smoothly!


This is my favorite shade that I picked up! It’s totally a MLBB color. It’s less pinky than I thought it’d be and that suits my skintone much better. Same as Ashton, it goes across the lips seamlessly and isn’t drying.


I’m also on the fence about the Bite Beauty lip product! The color looks a little too “old” for me. Plus, it’s a little too glossy. I prefer matte liquid lipsticks. It smells like sweet lipstick, which I found nauseating :S What I do like are the bent sponge tip for better control and the cute packaging!


These pictures were taken 5 minutes after I swatched them. I noticed how drying Sad Girl was, so I wanted to see how fast the other lip products dried down. On the left, you can see that all 3 ABH liquid lipsticks dried while the BB lip still has a wet look. I wiped a finger through the swatches and of course, the BB lip smeared!

The Brow Powder Duo


I love this eyebrow product! I mentioned in a previous post that I used to have the Brow Wiz and that’s a beautiful brow pencil to work with. I bought this instead since I discovered the NYX Micro Brow Pencil and that has become my HG brow pencil. These powders definitely give a heavier and bolder look than a pencil does for me, so I have to be really careful when applying them. With my MAC 266 brush that I use with this product, I can carve out my brows and fill them in in a much shorter time than with a pencil. I bought this powder in Graphite, which I think matches my dark hair perfectly. I only use the lighter side because the darker one is TOO dark. It doesn’t stay put in my brows, so I always prime my brows with Urban Decay Primer Potion beforehand!

The Foundation Stick

With my Macy’s order, I received a mini foundation stick in the shade Mink. It’s the perfect contour color for carving out the cheekbones, narrowing your jawline and forehead and slimming the nose. It’s creamy so it blends easily, but it sticks to the skin especially when set with a powder. I use contour primarily to slim my nose!

The Sponge

This is the only ABH product I can’t give my review on because I don’t use sponges! This was also included in the Macy’s order. I don’t have a use for sponges since I use my fingers to apply concealer and brushes for powders. I also don’t have the heart to use this cute little gem. Maybe in the future, but for now, I’ll stick to my fingers and brushes 😀


I love ABH products. This is the first time trying any products from her line and I don’t regret it!

By the way, I just wanted to show you the q-tips I used to remove the lip products.

I totally could’ve used a pad, but sometimes I’m weirdly cheap. Needless to say, my lips were begging for moisture! I used coconut oil to remove the products and to moisturize them in between application 🙂

I hope this post was helpful! Leave a comment telling me if you’ve tried anything from the line or want to and what you’re coveting and/or subscribe/follow my blog if you like my posts! You can leave me your email when you get the popup or follow me on Bloglovin’ by clicking the heart icon at the top or bottom of my blog!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful night! <3

Until next time,


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