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HAPPY FRIYAY!!! We all made it yet another Friday! I hope you’re as proud of yourself as I am! <3

So, with this crazy weather and the fact that I epilated my face last Saturday, I need all the moisture in the world. I found Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Rosewater Mask to be super hydrating and calming to my inflamed skin after epilating (I break out in rashes and small hives whenever I epliate or tweeze hair anywhere on my body and face). I used to use it as a sleeping mask, but as many skincare products do, it lost its effect for my skin. I’ve been using this magic cream that I’ll be talking about in this post for over a year now and I’m so mad that it’s only been that recent.

Can you guess what I’m referring to? It’s Egyptian Magic! This is a pricey product, but it’s well worth it to me. I bought it at my local health foods store for around $40 for a 6-ounce tub several years ago (Amazon sells a 2-pack for the same price!) and was nervous to use it on my face because it’s made with olive oil, which is a comedogenic oil. I originally bought it for my dry and scaly legs. Thankfully, I decided to try it out on my face and I’ve been using it as the last step in my evening–and sometimes my morning–skincare routine ever since! It doesn’t break me out. In fact, it heals my breakouts!!

It seems like you’re paying a lot for little product, but it’s a multi-purpose cream that’s like a solidified oil that melts with the warmth of your skin. A little goes a very long way as it’s super emollient. It will not make your face oily or greasy if you use just the right amount (a dime-size amount). I’ve used it under makeup and it doesn’t disrupt it at all. Another bonus 😀

What’s Egyptian Magic?

I was first introduced to this cream by April Athena on YouTube back when the beauty community on that platform was blowing up. I never bought it because I couldn’t afford it! I was in high school after all. It’s an all purpose cream that’s made of 100% natural ingredients. You can use it everywhere on your body from head to toe for hydration, moisturization and nourishment and to soothe irritations.

The Ingredients

Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract.

No chemicals, parabens, preservatives or fragrances added.

Egyptian Magic only contains byproducts of bees. If you need to know anything about these byproducts it’s that they are extremely healing. For me, I always have irritated skin (my being alive is literally a problem for my skin) and this soothes any sort of irritation I have.

Here’s a breakdown of each ingredient by what they are and provide:

Olive Oil – antioxidant, hydrating squalene (liquid close to our natural sebum)

Beeswax – protectant, skin healer, skin softener, antibacterial

Honey – antioxidant, antibacterial, healing

Bee Pollen – anti-aging, healing

Royal Jelly – anti-aging, healing, moisturizing

Propolis Extract – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing

What Does It Look Like?

As aforementioned, it looks like a solidified oil. It looks like you whipped up an oil and then set it in the fridge to become a balm. It melts when it comes in contact with your skin.

As you can see, a little really does go a long way when you’re using it for your entire face. I’ve been using this for a year and I’m only at the halfway mark! Bang for your buck 🙂


The cream comes in a container without a spatula, so it’s not exactly the most hygienic product to use. I always dig into my tubs with the back of a nail and apply the product to my palm.

I rub the cream in between my palms first just to spread and melt it a bit before patting it all over my face. This cream goes on top of my moisturizer. It adds another layer of protection and moisturization while calming down irritation and healing open wounds (i.e. pimples).


What This Cream Works FANTASTICALLY For

If you’re like me and you give yourself a facial at home that includes extraction, I recommend this product 100%. My unibrow area is prone to getting the same black dots (maybe sebaceous filaments) as my nose does, so my extraction time is focused on those areas. What happens when I extract the sebaceous filaments in my nose and on my unibrow area is that I press just a bit too hard (I mean, you’re pushing down on your face at all different angles to get those UGLY things out!) and I end up with a super sore face because I create huge red pimples all over it. (It sounds worse than it is. …Although sometimes it really is bad :S)

To help my nose heal (and sometimes my unibrow area if I went HAM on it, too), I thought about putting an extra layer of this cream on just that area. To my surprise, it works. Since I do my pamper routine on Saturday, I did this every night and in the morning on days I had off when I was going to work. Since I’m home all the time now, I do this every morning and night. By the next day, my face is less irritated and sore. By the day after, my face is slightly red and not as sore. By the 3rd day, my face is back to normal!

So, you can imagine how well it’s been helping with the recovery of my skin after epilation.

It’s not a miracle, my friends. It’s magic! 🙂

Have you ever used this cream? Would you try it if you haven’t? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading <3

Until next time,

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