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My Current Go-To Breakfast

And so it’s another Monday. But, Monday can certainly be Funday like Sunday, too, right? I think so especially when you’ve meal planned the night before and you’re not coming home from a long day at work or school or running errands and you’re starving and just don’t know what to eat!

This post is piggybacking off the previous food post to give you some inspiration as to what you can make in 10 minutes at any time of day. Breakfast foods especially aren’t restricted to just the morning. There’s a reason IHOP serves pancakes all day and why other diners exist. (Got a 10 pm craving for eggs and sausage? Diner!) As I mentioned in that post, how I plan my meals the day before is I have the recipes saved in my book of recipes or screenshot on my phone and I can easily access them day after when I’m ready to eat.

I’ll share another way I meal plan. It’s kind of a weird one, but if you’re anything like me, you work off of your cravings. For the past week or 2, I’ve been craving the same breakfast meal that I’ll be sharing in this post. Whatever I crave to eat the next day is exactly what I stick to making. These cravings very rarely change, too. Work with what your body wants as long as it leans more toward the healthier side. This is how you train it to crave better things. This is where cravings actually work for you rather than fight against you like they used to!

How Do I Know What’s Healthier

Firstly, always drink a cup of fluids before you eat anything. I brush up first so I’m not swallowing all that bacteria that accumulated in my mouth during my sleep. I go for a cup of tea with a squeeze of honey. Herbal teas are caffeine-free and keep you hydrated!

To start our day off right, we need complex carbs and protein to keep us full and energized. If you swap your white bread for whole wheat or sprouted grains, you’ll be set with carbs. I recommend eating one egg instead of 2, but I always use 2 for scrambled. You’re all set with your protein. If you’re vegan, make tofu scramble! To add some veggies, I recommend some spinach or mixed greens that you can eat raw or cook down with your eggs and/or some tomatoes (grape or plum, sliced).

Basically, you want your plate to have more veggies than anything else and always have a palm of carbs on the side to keep you full.

My Go-To Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs: I crack 2 eggs into a bowl and whisk until the yolk is incorporated into the white. I add a splash of water to make it extra fluffy. To season, I put a crack of salt (discussed below), a shake of black pepper, and 2 dashes of garlic powder.

Toast: I toast 2 slices of raisin cinnamon bread. This is my favorite bread to have in general but especially in the Fall. So delicious! Definitely swap this for the aforementioned types of bread, but don’t beat yourself if you don’t have any. This still gives me 1g of fiber. And sometimes, you just gotta live a little 😀 I get this from BJ’s but you can also get it on Amazon.

Blueberry Chia Jam (on toast): I make homemade jam quite often because the store-bought jams and jellies are chocked full of sugar. I’ll upload a post about how I make mine soon!

Grape Tomatoes: Add a drizzle (1 teaspoon) of extra virgin olive oil on your tomatoes to activate the lycopene in them. Lycopene is an antioxidant! A sprinkle of salt is always delicious on tomatoes, too to really bring out the sweetness. I prefer pink Himalayan salt for those trace minerals! I get the tomatoes from BJ’s.

Green Tea: I love this decaffienated green tea. I get the benefits of green tea without the weird feeling I get from fully caffeinated drinks. In just 3 minutes, I have the perfect cup of green tea. I use honey for a touch of sweetness and added antioxidants. I get this tea from Whole Foods, but you can also get them straight from the site.

Easy, right? Just work with your body by giving it what it needs. It’ll respond in a way you never experienced before if you didn’t lead a healthy lifestyle for years. This is coming from a girl who had McDonald’s for lunch every single day in 7th grade and McDonald’s for breakfast more often that I wanted to at an earlier or later point in my life. Sometimes, it does take your doctor telling you that your cholesterol is too high for you to make a change (even at 13). If that happens, make the right choices.

What do you have for breakfast that’s quick and healthier? Let me know! I love breakfast foods!!

Thanks for reading <3

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