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How to Get Motivated to Eat Healthy

Happy Friday! We made it to another weekend 🙂
I’ve been doing a lot of skincare posts lately because taking care of my skin is a big part of my lifestyle. I’ve always been anal about the ways in which I treat my body that directly affects how my skin looks and feels as it ages. I’ve also been particular with the ingredients in the skincare products I use. If I can describe how crazy I am about taking care of my skin, it’s like how it makes me super uncomfortable whenever I see someone rub their eyes. Oh, the agony!! But because I’m so conscious with the way that I purchase skincare products, I’m also conscious about the way I eat.
So it’s not a mystery; I’m all about taking care of myself. When you feel like you’ve given so much of yourself to others, you just have to reach a point in your life during which you tell yourself, and heck, even announce it to the world, that you are doing things for yourself by yourself. You are in complete control of what you choose to do with your life, if you can help it. I add the last part because when we’re living at home, it’s hard to think of ourselves. It’s actually really hard. I wish I started thinking about myself earlier, but it’s never too late. Today is the day you start to love yourself, think about yourself and do things for yourself.
With that said, today, I wanted to do something different. I want to talk about how you can ensure that you’re making ⭐healthy meal choices⭐ Take it from someone who DOESN’T meal plan: plan your meal(s) the night before. Instead of making a big batch of something and using it throughout the week, pick your recipe(s), write it down or have it archived on your device, and when you come home from school/work or when you wake up, pull the recipe out and make some magic!
I know how difficult it is to be too tired to cook even when you’re starving and you have the tendency to grab something quick to make (i.e. canned or microwaveable) or even a snack and binge on it (a whole bag of chips suddenly disappeared…). Just remember that eating is better than not eating. So if you’re hungry, eat! But, how I adopted a healthier lifestyle through my diet is to think about how what I eat affects my health and the way I feel.
Ask Yourself:
  • If I’m really tired and just don’t want to cook, what do I tend to eat?
  • How do I feel after I eat something that’s not so healthy?
  • How do I feel after I eat something that’s healthier?
  • What’s easier for me to make?
  • How can I make it so that I can whip something up in no time and it’s good for me?

It’s hard to adopt a healthier lifestyle when you’re working all the time and you might even have more mouths to feed. Always remember to do what’s best for your health. Ordering take-out or eating out at most twice a week I think is completely normal, but be wary with what you choose to eat.

Basically, It’s All About Choice

You are in control of the decisions you make. From a I-want-to-live-longer standpoint, I recommend that you make better decisions about with what you choose to fuel your body. Indulgence isn’t supposed to be a frequent thing. For example. don’t ruin the magic of cake by having it everyday. I’d say, if you’re a cake-a-holic like I am, bake it yourself (I recommend baking vegan) or save it for when you go out with friends or family.

I choose to cook and bake vegan for no other reason than it’s the healthiest I can get. I get a soar of vegetable and fruit intake that I never get when I cook otherwise. And yes, it’s filling and satisfying. When it comes to adding meat to dishes, I only add as much as the size of the palm of my hand. The featured image in this post shows 2 dishes I tried for the first time from a vegan video recipe on YouTube. I chose to add some to my meal because I wanted some protein and I love Italian food!

Bottom line is don’t sacrifice what you love to eat. Just make it healthier. And since veganism and cooking videos are everywhere, being healthy is accessible to us now across various platforms! Use it to your advantage.

I’ll be adding “What I Eat” posts from now on! I don’t come up with recipes on my own. I’m more of a try-er than an experimenter 😀

I hope this helps you to really think about how your decisions in what you feed yourself make you feel and in the long run!

Remember to always take care of yourself.

How do you get into a healthy or healthier eating mindset?

Until next time,

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