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My Secret to Locking In & Providing Moisture (On The Go)

The secret is out!… I’m getting older and I have fine lines!!

Wait. You already knew that.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that I have a sensitive, acne-prone and combination/dry skin type. It’s a mess. On top of that, I have to deal with prevention. I don’t want these fine lines to get worse and for more to show up and for wrinkles to appear–ever.

So What’s The Secret?

To prevent my face from drying out further and for my fine lines (under my eyes and my laugh lines) to deepen, I thought about using a protective layer on specifically those places.

The thought first came to me when everyone started using petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline) on dry parts of their face and even on their lashes to condition them. For those who are against use of Vaseline, they started using Aquaphor (even though they both contain petrolatum) for the same reasons. These 2 products are to be used on top of the skin. I first used Vaseline on cuts over Neosporin (I know, overkill). I used Aquaphor on my lashes. Neither did anything for my intended purposes.

Fast forward 6 or so years, I went back to using Aquaphor but this time on my fines lines. But it wasn’t until I made my first purchase of nipple balm that I saw a difference.

NIPPLE BALM,’ I SAY? Yes. Nipple balm. Daceyhapa/Dacey Cash on YouTube mentioned it in an older video that she uses it for lip balm. I’m so happy I tried it because it’s THE best treatment for dry lips. I wake up every morning with peeling lips. With this product on them all night, I wake up the next day and after cleansing my face with my face towel, I gently buff away those flakes that have been softened by the balm and soft and supple lips are revealed. It works great to prep the lips for any lip product. I mainly use liquid lipsticks, so it’s vital that I have prepped lips! I also use it on the occasional dry nipple situations (no idea how I get it!).

But, then I applied my Aquaphor technique using the balm. My eye area and laugh lines have never looked so plump and moisturized. On top of using effective skincare products, this is literally the icing on the cake. It goes right on top of my moisturizer to lock it in and add additional moisture.

You know for what else it works EFFECTIVELY? Dry nostrils! Especially when you’re sick with a cold or have allergies and basically have to blow your nose every minute, a bit of balm on your nose prevents it from getting flaky, dry and irritated.

Why Nipple Balm?

The nipple balm I use is 100% lanolin. Lanolin is wool wax or wool fat from animals, namely sheep. So, unfortunately, if you are vegan or interested in cruelty-free products, then this is not the product for you. Lanolin is an effective moisturizer and emollient for those with dry or chapped skin. Good thing is that you can use other balms or ointments that are lanolin-free, such as this one, which includes shea butter and tamanu oil. I just recently purchased a similar multi-purpose balm that I’m hoping gives me the same results as nipple balm but without the lanolin. Stay tuned for that ;D

The Texture


This product is super thick. In colder weather, it’s much harder to squeeze out of the tube (but it isn’t impossible). Because of this, squeeze a bit out (you only need a little bit) and warm it up in between 2 fingers before applying it to the desired area!

Here’s How I Apply It

I’ve mentioned where I apply it, so that’s on my fine lines under my eyes, the outer corners of my eyes, my laugh lines, my nostrils when I’ve been blowing my nose so often, and my lips as balm and prep while applying makeup.

When I use this balm on my eye area and laugh lines, I do this at night in bed. I apply it to my nostrils even in public! It’s more embarrassing for me to have a dry, flaky nose and it’s so much more painful otherwise. (You have to pick and choose your battles, you know?)

None of these are flattering pictures, but it’s not exactly sexy to apply nipple balm to your face xD

I had peeling lips before, so I put a layer of this balm on top, waited for around 5-10 minutes, and then gently buffed that skin off with a napkin. I love how the balm softens the skin so you can wipe it away to reveal smooth lips. It’s best to do exfoliation this way if you have any loose skin than just going in there with a towel, napkin or even a scrub because that skin isn’t soft enough yet to remove!

The Smell

It does not smell like sheep, oil, or wax! It does have a smell but it’s not pungent and it dissipates. No one else can smell it either 😀

This product has been my savior for the past 2 years. I keep one next to my bed and the other at my desk. I used up the 3rd tube as I had that in my makeup bag and used it at work 🙂

What’s your weird product that you use for skincare? Have you used nipple balm for things other than… your nipples? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! <3

Until next time,


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