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DIY Multi-Purpose Facial Spray

Hello! Happy Monday night. If you’re like me and you hate Mondays, I find what makes it better is a shower, a meal and junk food, a show, and a good ol’ spritz (or 5) of a refreshing spray to wake up (to eat and watch shows on Netflix or gaming streams, like me) and hydrate a tired and dry face (no really. I’m serious), which has been all too prevalent now that the weather is cooling down (finally?) and my sleep is all but good. In fact, I’m so serious that I make 2 of these and keep one in the bathroom under the sink for use in my skincare routines and the other one right on my desk.

I got the inspiration to make my own spray from gothamista’s video on Youtube about how she makes her “waterless spray.” You can see her blog post on it here. I actually started making my own spray years ago when I finished up the Heritage Store Rose Water & Glycerin spray and didn’t want to keep spending $10-$11 on another one. But, this is the only concoction that ever worked for me!

I love the versatility of this spray. When applying makeup I use it as the last step to set my makeup and rid of the powdery look I get when I apply powder to ANY part of my face. For skincare, I apply it after toner to add a boost of hydration before moving on to the rest of my routine, day and night, and throughout the day at home when my face is feeling tight. I mentioned this spray in several other posts, so please check those out if you want more information!

3 Ingredients

In a spray bottle, fill it with:

1/2 100% pure aloe vera juice

1/2 100% pure rose water

about a 2-second squeeze of vegetable glycerin

Note: Don’t do anymore than just filling up the floor of the bottle with glycerin. It’ll make your face super sticky and shiny and will end up ruining your makeup and not make your face feel very good if not applying after makeup if you apply more than that.

4 Steps

1) Squeeze the glycerin into the bottle.

2) Pour in the aloe vera.

3) Pour in the rose water.

4) Shake before use. ALWAYS!

Why This Spray Works

Aloe Vera: You don’t have to be a skincare expert to know skincare basics. Aloe Vera is a known ingredient to help heal wounds and soothe irritation. Simple 😀

Rose Water: For me, I’ve experienced softening of the skin, refined pore size and aromatherapy benefits.

Glycerin: A humectant. It retains moisture in your skin. I also find that this ingredient really makes your makeup stick.

Do you make your own spray? What makeup setting spray do you use or have tried? I’ve always been curious about UD and Skindinavia’s sprays!

Thanks for reading! <3

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