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My Evening Skincare Routine

Happy hump day! You made it through half of another week *thumbs up*! <3

Today, I introduce you to my evening skincare routine.

Firstly, let’s start with the fact that our body sheds millions of dead cells every single day, not just at night when we’re asleep. So don’t think that our skin renews itself overnight and that you have to pay more attention to it at night than in the morning. Just remember that it’s a constant process with our skin. Meaning, care for it day and night. There are specific products that are recommended/advised to use at night not because our skin renews itself during that time, but because many night skincare products are too heavy for day time (i.e. thicker moisturizers, or oils) or make our skin sensitive to sunlight (i.e. acids). With that said, there are products that we use and can invest in to help rejuvenate our skin as our body repairs and recovers while we’re asleep.

In a previous post, I showed you my morning skincare routine (check out that post or click here). As I mentioned in that post, I invest in where I should. Meaning, I use many of the same products in my evening routine as I do in my morning routine. I only add what I need and what proves beneficial for my skin. That’s why the above picture is similar to the picture from that post!

Here’s what I add into my evening routine:

* The only reason I’m using 2 different cleansers is because I was running low on the one I use in the morning that I wanted to put in an order for another one. But, I underestimated how much cleanser I had left, so now I have 2. What a derp! It’d make more sense to just finish the other one by using it both day and night, but I can’t stand the smell and I don’t want to throw it away 🙁

Before anything, using the Foreo Luna Mini 2, I cleanse with the OSEA Malibu Ocean Cleansing Milk. You can scroll down in the skincare section of my blog to find what I think about this cleanser!

I cleanse in the shower which is why I’m standing right in front of the shower curtains xD I put 2 pumps of the cleanser onto my Foreo and cleanse my face. I take the residual cleanser down to my neck with my hands.

Then, I tone my face, neck, chest AND back with the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. I cut them in half to save product. They’re saturated with solution, so using one whole pad is too much for me. Check out one of my very first posts if you want to know what I think about this product!

Followed with my hydrating spray, aloe vera gel and my eye cream is the Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner. This is an essence that you can use in replacement of a toner or as your toner, but I like to use it mainly for extra hydration. My skin tends to dry up during the night from my use of the AC in the summer and during cold nights in the winter. I take a nickel-size amount of essence in one palm, mash both palms together just to get the product on them and press the solution onto each part of my face, then down to my neck and chest. I pat until it has completely absorbed.


After the essence, I go in with my Vitamin C serum and then tea tree oil. Then, I apply my oils. The addition to my oils + serum mix is Nature’s Answer Alcohol-Free Licorice Root. Sounds crazy, right?! Licorice is found in a lot of skincare products. It helps lighten/fade scars and dark marks. I’ve been using licorice root extract (dark liquid) in my routine for over 3 years. It works in conjunction with several of the other products in fading dark marks/scars that I get from pimples! Note that it is quite sticky and smells a bit like soy sauce. Also, make sure to get the alcohol-free version to avoid drying out the skin (I made that mistake!).


Lastly, to end my skincare routine, I moisturize with Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream. I use the spatula that comes with the moisturizer I use in my morning routine to scoop this moisturizer out. I clean the spatula after every use! I dot the cream on certain points of my face for even distribution and then massage it in. This pricey little number serves its purpose for moisturizing my skin by creating a barrier, locking in all the products I previously applied. It’s thick, yet creamy and easy to apply.

Afterward, I dot my acne treatment on the pimples that I’ve popped.

PHEW! I got through my morning and evening skincare routines! I do have an extensive evening routine. It takes me 15 minutes in total to do it all, excluding cleansing while in the shower. My morning routine probably takes 2 fewer minutes 😀 Again, it’s all about investing in where you need.

What products do you use in your evening skincare routine? Or is the routine the same as in the morning?

EDIT 11/11/17: I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel showing this routine with just a few changes!

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