Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps With This Drink

Hi everyone! How are you doing this afternoon? 🙂

I wanted to come on here and share a drink with you that I make for when I’m dealing with painful cramps during “that time of the month.” This is kind of like an “emergency post” in case you’re dealing with what I’ve been dealing with for over 12 hours! 🙁

Last night before and when I got to bed, I dealt with a terrible stomach pains. I was so bloated and constipated (ugh, talk about a double whammy!!) that I couldn’t move nor could I lay down flat on my back. Even laying down sideways didn’t relieve the pain. Thankfully, I made it through the night. I’m feeling better, but not 100%. Now, we women understand how difficult it is to differentiate between cramps and bowel movements. Sometimes it’s one or the other and sometimes it’s both. Either way, don’t suffer through it or try to fall asleep. What I recommend is to make this drink or make the ACV drink that I show how to make in my previous food post (depending on which is worse, cramps or digestion). Check that one out if you really need to relieve indigestion.

But, if you have nasty cramps, this drink is for you. The star ingredient in this drink is definitely an acquired taste. I think when you change your lifestyle in the way you eat, you have to get your tastebuds accustomed to flavors and textures that you weren’t used to for a long time.

The star ingredient in this drink is Blackstrap Molasses. Molasses is sugar cane that has been mashed and boiled into cane syrup and then boiled a couple more times (which is why there’s no added sugar in this recipe!). Molasses contains magnesium, calcium and iron–all important minerals that we, as women especially, need to ingest when we’re menstruating. This is why we tend to eat a lot of chocolate at this time 😀 But aim for dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cacao for added antioxidants and a boost of iron. Magnesium helps to relieve cramps by relaxing muscles and actually helps our body to better absorb calcium. Calcium makes our bones strong, which is why we need to up our calcium intake when we’re older as our bones start to weaken. Iron is necessary to have energy, which explains why we’re so much more exhausted than normal during menstruation. If our iron levels are low, that means our body isn’t getting enough oxygen.

Take a look at the nutrition label for molasses:

In just 1 tablespoon, there’s 10% calcium, 20% iron and 10% magnesium. Amazing!

You can get all of these minerals and other necessary vitamins for a healthy body in whole foods like nuts, seeds and dark leafy greens. Be sure to not only have this drink but also eat right.

For this drink, you need only 3 ingredients (2 if you don’t want to make this chocolate-y):

1) 1 cup milk of choice (I recommend a plant-based milk because dairy would exacerbate all the symptoms we experience during menstruation. I use unsweetened almond milk, but coconut milk would also be delicious!),

2) 1 tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses and

3) 1 teaspoon of cacao powder (optional).

Here’s how you make this drink:

Step 1: Pour the milk into a pot on the stove. Heat until warm (DO NOT BOIL!!).

Step 2: Pour in the molasses. Stir until incorporated.

Step 3: Add the cacao powder. Stir until dissolved and incorporated.

Step 4: Stir to make sure everything is incorporated and warmed through.

Step 4: Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

I love to enjoy this alone without any food so as not to upset my stomach and/or cramps. It’s a warm drink which is way more soothing to your system than a cold drink.

I hope this helps relieve your cramps! You can enjoy this drink at any time of the day and for however many times you need it. I normally have it in the afternoon.

Have you ever tried this drink? What do you drink while you’re on your period? Along with this drink, I also like to have a cup of Raspberry Leaf Tea, which is supposedly good to drink for “that time of the month,” too!

Thanks for reading<3

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