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Review: Lee Ji Ham Vita Propolis Ampoule

Happy Saturday! Tonight, I bring to you my review of the LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule, a staple product in both my morning and evening skincare routines for brighter, plumper and hydrated skin.

I ordered my very first bottle of this back in April and was using it until 3 days ago when I finally couldn’t get anymore out. Granted, I was only using this at night and I was trying to finish up a serum I was using at the time, so I may have started using it in June (but still–that’s a long time!). I ordered my first and current bottle from Glow Recipe for $38.

The ampoule comes into a triangular box that makes it very hard to photograph! When you open up the box, the ampoule is presented like a queen. All the writing on the inside is in Korean. The formula is a yellow color and comes in a small 15ml or 0.5oz dropper bottle.

If you didn’t know, an ampoule is a more concentrated version of a serum. Like a serum, it delivers active ingredients targeted to your skin needs. You can use it as your serum or with one. This is my only serum/ampoule in my routines as it provides enough hydration and targets my skin concerns, such as dullness and uneven texture, and adds a glow that we all covet!

Here’s the formulation breakdown of the ampoule that’s listed on Glow Recipe:

50% – Propolis extract: protects and nourishes skin.
10% – Vitamin derivatives for revitalized, even-toned skin.
10% – Sea buckthorn extract, rich in vitamins.
26% – Centella Asiatica & Witch hazel extract to soothe skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

I especially like that it has sea buckthorn because it’s beneficial for those who suffer from dryer skin and mild eczema, both of which I suffer with. It’s a much thicker formula than traditional watery serums as it looks and feels like an oil. It’s a dryer oil, so it doesn’t leave your face greasy and shiny. It sinks directly into the skin without leaving a tacky residue. Since it is on the dryer side, I mix this in with my own oil blend. I’ve used it alone, but I prefer to be able to move down to my neck and chest, which is difficult since it is dryer.

Here’s how I apply the ampoule in my evening routine (I just omit adding the dark liquid that I’ll mention in this demo in my morning routine):

Step 1: Start with the base.

I first add my mix of oils in the palm of my hand. This is a mix of rosehip seed and jojoba oils. To that, I add licorice root extract. I’ll go into detail about this in an upcoming evening skincare routine post!

Step 2: Add 1-2 drops of the ampoule.

Step 3: Mix it all together in my palm.

Step 4: Place my other palm on top and gently press together. Then, press both palms onto the quadrants of my face, then my neck and over my eyes.

I always use this mix to use in my facial massage.

Being consistent with using this ampoule both day and night has improved my skin’s texture in the time I’ve been using it. My face has always been smooth thanks to my skincare and lifestyle habits, but adding this ampoule has definitely enabled a deliverance of extra hydration and plumpness that I wasn’t getting from my previous serum.

Yes, $38 is quite pricey for a very small bottle. But, most serums are around 0.5-1 oz. and cost way more than your other skincare products. It’s one of those products you should invest in because it’s one of the only products in your routine to deliver active ingredients that directly target your skin needs that the other products don’t/can’t.

Besides, who doesn’t want glowy skin? I sure do!

Have you ever tried this ampoule? What was your experience with it like? Do you recommend other serums or ampoules for me to try?

Until next time,

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