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Midweek Skincare Detox

One more day until Friday, woohoo! This post would’ve been more fitting for a Wednesday, but I wanted to show you what my skin looks like the day after doing a midweek skincare detox.

If you have a combination skin type, it’s recommended to exfoliate and use a clay mask at most twice a week. Exfoliating can come in the form of using a physical exfoliator, such as  a scrub that contains beads or ground nuts, or sugar or ground coffee beans, which exfoliate the top layer or surface of the skin. Exfoliating can also come in the form of a chemical exfoliator, such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) or Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) which contain actives that go deep into the skin and encourage cell regeneration.

For me, I use a chemical exfoliator every day as my evening toner (as mentioned previously in a post) and twice a week I use a physical exfoliator. I know, I know. It’s too much! But, even though I have sensitive skin, I think my skin built up a tolerance to exfoliating so often ever since I went on the program back in 2010. And luckily, my skin responds really well, also because I only do it once a day! If you were also wondering, I’ve gone months without frequent exfoliating and my skin never had a “withdrawal” 😀 But, I choose to do this because my skin does look brighter and is much clearer overall.

With that said, every Wednesday, I have a skincare detox. I use a physical scrub and a mud mask to clear my pores, which are super prone to getting clogged. Scrubs prep the skin by loosening up debri (excess sebum, etc.) that your mask can then pull out. It’s a plus if your scrub has brightening properties to give you that beautiful glow we all covet 🙂

Step 1: Exfoliate

I always use physical exfoliators while in the shower before I cleanse my face. It’s personal preference whether you choose to exfoliate before or after cleansing, but I like to do it before so it can loosen up the gunk from my pores and I can cleanse it all away afterward. The exfoliator I’ve used for the past 3 year is Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub (pictured above), which has organic sea kelp to buff away dead skin cells. I buy this at my local health foods store for around $10. Pictured below on the left is when you squeeze it out of the tube and on the right is when you spread it around with a finger. You can see that it’s super gritty. It feels so good on the skin, not at all abrasive. The key to making a physical exfoliator work correctly is by gently moving it around your face with the pads of your fingers. Never press and rub the product into your skin. You’ll experience microscopic tears in your skin that will lead to even greater problems. I treat exfoliating in the same manner as I do cleansing: I break up my face into quadrants. I do 10 seconds on both cheeks at the same time because those are the most sensitive parts of my face and 30 seconds on my nose and chin area and then on my forehead.

Step 2: Purge the Pores!

I bought the Shea Moisture Hydrating Mud Mask a month and a half ago and I found it to be one of the best mud masks that I’ve ever tried. It’s a hydrating mask so it’s formulated for dry skin as it contains shea butter (it really does feel smooth like whipped shea butter right out of the container!). I didn’t think it’d be that effective in cleaning out my pores and traditional, more drying clay masks, but I found that to be the opposite. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight when it starts to dry and when I rinse it off afterward. I will say that there is an initial bit of stinging which could be from the extracts in the formula, but it dissipates in about a minute. I leave it on until it’s slightly tacky and then rinse off and continue with my toner and the rest of my skincare. I’m unsure what it smells like as I’ve never smelled Frankincense or Myrrh, but you can definitely smell the mud! 😀


Here’s what my skin looks like right after I rinse the mask off and pat my skin dry (my nose is red because I may have squeezed some gunk out of it that morning… don’t judge me :D):

My skin always feels smooth, hydrated and extra clean!

Here’s what my skin looks like the day after, after I did my morning skincare routine:

It brought one red pimple to a head and brought out 3 pimples to a head that I didn’t know were there!

Do you have a midweek detox routine?


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