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First Impressions of 2 OSEA Malibu Products

To celebrate the last day of Labor Day Weekend, I thought I’d come on here to share with you my first impressions of a cleanser and a serum from OSEA Malibu! I didn’t participate in their Labor Day promo, but they were so gracious to contact me via DM on Instagram with a code for free shipping a week before, which I took full advantage of 😀 Customer service is so personable with them. I mean, I was contacted via DM! They’re so friendly and helpful. These two products I took based on their recommendation. It feels like I’m talking to a friend!

I invest in my skin, so I wasn’t all that deterred by the prices, and I buy what I run out of. I mention this because OSEA’s skincare products are more expensive than those you can buy at drugstores and even some more popular brands in department stores and Sephora. However, you either are investing in your skincare which means you’re buying from a brand that cares about specific ingredients and science that benefit our individual skin concerns, or your beliefs/philosophy about the skin aligns with theirs. Sometimes, those are synonymous.

Now onto the first impressions, I love reading up on the story behind brands and for OSEA I was sold. It made me feel quite a connection because although I’m a winter baby, I’ve always been drawn to the sea. Not only is sea water physically healing but it also is healing to the soul. OSEA is an organic seaweed skincare brand, is natural, non-toxic and vegan. If that speaks to you, then you should definitely check this brand out! The ingredients are top-notch.

I purchased the Ocean Cleansing Milk and the Brightening Serum.

Ocean Cleansing Milk ($48):

I have sensitive skin that reacts to literally everything, so the cleansing milk was the perfect pairing! I used it with my Foreo Luna cleansing device and it worked well! It doesn’t lather at all (but when I finished cleansing, there was one big bubble on the Foreo :P) which is typical of a cleansing milk. Those who are used to a lather “to feel clean” shouldn’t be deterred from this cleanser. My face felt soft afterward but then started to tighten before I continued with the rest of my routine. So, my face was definitely clean 😀 I tried it again this morning without my Foreo and it was a milky dream. So soothing to a tired face. To me it has a faint scent of milk but it’s not nauseating. In fact, the serum and the two samples included (Ocean Cleanser and Atmosphere Protection Cream (I like both!!)) have a faint smell of SOMETHING that the scent is almost… of nothing. If you’re wondering, does this cleanser make my face more oily since I do have a combination skin type? No! It’s just as powerful as a clean as a gel or liquid cleanser but it’s super gentle.

Brightening Serum ($60):

I applied one full pump of this serum after toner and it glided over my skin so smoothly and disappears into the skin seamlessly. I’ve been using some products with brightening properties for years, so I most likely can’t report on how brightening this serum is for me. But, the thing about serums that contain Vitamin C is that they brighten the skin by lightening or fading dark spots and pigmentation. If your skin doesn’t have any of those, you won’t see a difference. BUT, there is an overall glow to your skin that you can thank brightening serums for providing 🙂

A Drawback in the Packaging:

When I unwrapped the cleanser from the bubble wrap, there was a bit of a cleanser explosion. The pump is down when you get it, of course, which you have to pull up to use. I’m not as fond of pump bottles as I am of tubes that you squeeze so I knew this was going to be a messy process. When I pulled the pump up, I actually pulled the whole thing off! Thankfully, I was able to put it back on. You can also turn the head to lock and open the pump. This isn’t a deal breaker for me. Just beware of a possible mess in the beginning!

It’ll definitely take me some time to finish these products, but I hope these first impressions helped! I can’t wait to explore more products from this brand. For now, I can tell that I’d repurchase these 2 products as I always need a cleanser and a brightening serum.

Have you ever tried products from OSEA Malibu?

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