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Hydrating Versus Moisturizing

Hi there! Let’s get educational!

As a person who deals with eczema patches on the sides of my face and on my arms and legs, I had to learn what hydrating and moisturizing meant, respectively.

So, what is the difference between hydrating and moisturizing? Here’s a good snippet from dermstore that I found sums it up in the most basic terms that anyone can understand:

“Dehydrated skin lacks water and therefore requires hydration,” explains Nicole Akers, head of education and training at SkinCeuticals. “Dry skin lacks oil and needs to be moisturized.”

It’s important to know the difference between these two concepts because skincare concerns can be treated incorrectly otherwise. For example, during the summer, we’re often dehydrated because of the heat. Therefore, we should drink water to keep our insides hydrated. But when we go indoors to an air conditioned place, our skin tends to dry and flake because of the constant extreme temperature change. So, we should use oils and/or lotions or creams to keep our skin moisturized. Hydrating products go deeper into the layers of our skin (i.e. humectants that draw moisture from the air and into our skin) and moisturizing products create a barrier on top of our skin.

Once we understand the difference, we can shop for our products a lot smarter. Meaning, we invest in the products that our skin actually needs. And, as a plus, we learn how to better our individual lifestyles to help aid our bodies in healing and recovering from everyday stressors, which can affect how our skin looks and feels.

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